Hello Earle, Orest and Roxanne,

I just thought I would drop you a line and thank you again for your hospitality and another successful hunt. I've been telling stories and showing pictures of my color phase bear I shot this spring ever since I got home.

Last year I shot my first bear ever with a bow at 20 yards at Pocketlake Outfitters, what a rush. Earle and Orest have great guiding experience and have allowed me not one but two successful bear hunts. My first successful kill was a chocolate brown bear which I had mounted life size by Earle. Earle is not only skilled at being a guide but a very professional taxidermist. My mount is wonderful and I would recommend his work to anyone who has a successful hunt at Pocketlake Outfitters. My wife has let me put my life size mount in our living room, way to go Earle. My second successful hunt was even a larger color phase bear which Earle is also mounting. I can hardly wait to see his professional taxidermy work on that one.

Earle and Orest's knowledge of the land and bear habits is a wonderful asset when it comes to a successful hunt. Their guiding skills and experience will never let you down. They go the extra mile to make sure you have every opportunity to have a successful hunt. Not only is the hunting good but the hospitably and cooking are great. Roxanne made sure we never went hungry. Thanks Roxanne for cooking up some great meals.

I look forward to returning to Manitoba for another successful hunt at Pocketlake Outfitters, not only for bear but geese and whitetail deer as well. Thanks again for the memories and a beautiful mount.

One very successful and happy hunter,
Joe Tejkl, Owosso, Michigan

Hello Earle and Roxanne,

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for such a fun hunt. Every time I leave there, I have a smile on my face for the next month telling BIG bear stories. The hospitality was great like always, and even better with Roxanne's added touch. Canada has been good to me and I have the life size mounts to prove it. Your taxidermy work makes it convenient to leave my hide with an expert taxidermist right after the hunt with no worry of damage. I've hunted with Pocketlake Outfitters for 4 years, and each time I have been able to top my previous year's trophy. I've seen black bear and different color phase bears and as you can see from your website, one lucky hunter got a blond monster. Knowing this product is out there, keeps me coming back and I have never been disappointed yet.

It's great to meet your family and your guide Orest. He is a great asset to Pocketlake Outfitting and makes the hunt a lot of fun. You have a great team to run your operation there. What I learned from hunting with you Earle is, if I put in my time and trust in your skills as a guide, that my chance for success has always been 100%. I put my time in, I trusted your guiding experience and with that I've had great luck. The proof is in the pudding.. and my pictures. Thanks for another great year and hope to see you for a whitetail hunt soon???

Your friend and happy hunter, Dennis Bitterman, Oakley, Michigan

Earle and Roxanne,

Hey folks, just a late notice to let you know that I had a great time hunting with you again this year. There is nothing like bow hunting for bear. Earle, as always, it is a pleasure to hunt with you and this year was no exception. I'm sorry the bear I took was so small, but it was fun none the less. Roxanne, your hospitality and fun spirit was an added attraction. You two make a good couple and I hope it all works out for you.

Earle, would you make up a desk type head mount like the one I saw at your house. I'll put it on my desk in my office. Let me know how much it is and I'll send you the money

Thanks again for the great hunt and I look forward to doing it again one day soon.

Take care,


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